ChilliChopCo is all about bringing the party to your mouth with our rich and contemporary African inspired vegan sauces! With our range of three heat levels; Mild, Medium and Hot,let us take your pallets to a whole new level!

Like no other, our ChilliChopCo ‘Jollof sauce’ fast tracks novices and experts alike to bring you your traditional jollof haven! Soo rich in flavour, our Jollof sauce enables you to create bespoke dishes that are endless! From a

 luxurious and creamy textured tomato base for your home made pizza, to a hearty casserole or a beautiful tomato based stir fry…the list is endless!  

Unleash our rich, bold, flavoursome sauces on your dishes for an authentic taste of the motherland.

Three Chilli Sauce
Jollof Sauce
Sweet and Spicy Chutney